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          南京亞通橡塑有限公司  版權所有 ? 2019 Copyright Nanjing Yatong Rubber Plastic Co.Ltd.  備案號:蘇ICP備09039699號-1   網站建設:中企動力 南京



            南京亞通橡塑有限公司成立于 2005年10月,專業生產輪胎用膠囊、MOLD和混煉膠,總投資9,000萬元。項目建成投產后,年銷售收入兩億三千萬元。 一期工程投資6,000萬元,注冊資本3,600萬元,膠囊年生產能力15萬條,銷售收入5,000萬元。工廠占地總面積2萬平方米。 南京亞通橡塑有限公司坐落在省級經濟開發區----雨花經濟開發區,位于南京城西南方向,近臨南京長江三橋及繞城高速,交通便利,地理位置優越。

            Nanjing Yatong Rubber & Plastic Company Ltd. Was founded in October, 2005 and is specialized in making bladder for tyers, mold and blending rubber with a total investment of RMB 90 million yuan. After the project is put into operation, the annual revenue of sales of our company will be RMB 230 million yuan. 60 million yuan has been invested in the project phase I with registered capital of 36 million yuan and bladder production capacity of 15000 pieces, and the revenue of sales will be 50 million yuan. Our plant covers a total area of 2000 square meters. Nanjing Yatong Rubber & Plastic Company Ltd. is located in an economic development zone at provincial level-Yuhua Economic Development Zone, in the southwest of Nanjing City, close to Nanjing Third of Yangtze River Bridge and the city ring road with a convenient transportation and superior geological location.